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Newark’s Revival is Finally Real…

New York magazine

Newark’s revival is coming block by block, and also in a couple of massive chunks. The most ambitious is Lotus Development’s project Riverfront Square. On a 12-acre site next to Broad Street Station, PAU, the New York–based architecture and planning firm run by Vishaan Chakrabarti, has mapped out what amounts to a blank-slate neighborhood. Apartments, offices, stores, playgrounds, a beer garden and bocce court, a hotel and conference center — all would cluster and intertwine, inserting a new pocket of urban intensity and lively architecture into an area that now feels weedy and bleak… (more)

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A skyscraper made of wood? Newark developers give it a try

Wall Street Journal

In the contest to attract office tenants, many developers stick with the tried-and-true combination of concrete, steel and gleaming glass.

Lotus Equity Group is embracing a more natural material: wood.

The Manhattan developer said it is planning an 11-story Newark office building made with a wood structure for Riverfront Square, its 4.8 million-square-foot mixed-use development proposed on the site of the former Newark Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium and the old Lincoln Motel... (more)

Why This Bold Architect Loves Building Skyscrapers Made of Wood 

Architectural Digest

Concrete and steel have ruled skyscraper construction for the better part of a century. But in recent years wood has been reengineered to be as light and strong as its industrial-age counterparts, enabling a boom in large-scale timber structures that look nothing like a cabin in the woods. At the forefront of the mass timber movement is Michael Green, whose Vancouver firm, Michael Green Architecture, is responsible for buildings like Minneapolis’s T3, one of the tallest timber buildings in the United States. Green and the developer Lotus Equity Group recently unveiled plans for a new ten-story timber building to anchor the Riverfront Square redevelopment in Newark, New Jersey... (more)

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Where Bears Once Roamed, a tower of timber is planned 

The Star Ledger

The site of the old Newark Bears Stadium will be anchored by an 11-story timber tower, the beginning of a new vision for sustainable construction and modern architecture in the city. 

Plans for the 500,000-square-foot building were revealed Monday by Manhattan-based Lotus Equity Group, which is redeveloping the 11.8-acre site now known as Riverfront Square... (more)